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Common mistakes beginners make in tilapia farming

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Shanjaya Mandala Putra
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Hamiman Simbolon
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Barkah Tri Basuki

Image Source : banglele.co.id

Basically, tilapia cultivation is not difficult, because tilapia has a good breeding process, is easy to adapt, and is omnivorous, so it is not difficult for farmers to feed cultivated tilapia. Even though tilapia is a type of fish that is easy to cultivate, some beginners often face problems due to a lack of knowledge during the cultivation process which is actually easy to overcome if these problems happen.

Common mistakes of cultivators include:
1. Beginner cultivators usually have limited land so they only use the existing land, but they are not adjusted to the type of pond to be made. It is important to choose the location based on the type of pond that will be used for cultivation, the type and system users are also very influential on the handling that will be carried out in the future.

2. Beginner cultivators are often tricked by seed sellers because of their lack of knowledge of the characteristics and types of good tilapia seeds. Often seed sellers deceive beginner cultivators for instant profit and this is behavior that is not exemplary. The beginner cultivator should be more careful and pay more attention to whom they will buy seeds. In addition, beginners must also know how the treatments are given to tilapia seeds that will be spread in the enlargement pond.

3. Cultivators who are still beginners often make mistakes in providing feed such as giving less than a portion of fish or excessive giving feed which can damage the quality of the culture media water. There are also those who even provide additional feed regardless of the condition of the feed to be given, although most types of additional feed are leftover but cannot be given in that way, it must be selected first so that the feed given is not too damaged or rotten which can cause the tilapia to catch the disease.

4. Another factor that is rarely known by cultivation beginners is water quality, even though the water quality is the most supporting factor for the survival of tilapia. As we humans as living creatures want good environmental conditions so that survival is good, as well as tilapia which will also grow well if the water quality surrounds tilapia lives, is also good. Parameters that must be known by cultivation beginners are dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature. Water quality in ponds or cultivation media is greatly influenced by weather and the way feeding is given. Usually, cultivation beginners do not pay attention to water quality after the rain and after feeding for some time which can change the water quality of the cultivation media to be bad.

5. The last mistake that cultivation beginners often make is put all of the trust they have in product sellers who sell vitamins, nutritional enhancers, probiotics and medicines even though they don’t know the products work. These products can be good, but if they are not as good as the reality or even have a bad effect on tilapia, then it will result in a big loss to the business. For that cultivation, beginners must find out more about product details, quality, and suitability with the cultivation being carried out before bought it directly.