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How to select a good tilapia seed

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Shanjaya Mandala Putra
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Hamiman Simbolon
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Barkah Tri Basuki

Image Source : banglele.co.id

The success of tilapia aquaculture is influenced by several factors, one of the most important is the selection of seeds in tilapia. The seed factor is crucial in the success of tilapia cultivation. Good tilapia seeds will produce quality seeds and provide more satisfying economic added value. The characteristics of superior tilapia seeds and broodstock are:

1. The size and shape of the body
Generally, the size of tilapia seed that is good for enlargement has a size of 10-20 grams per fish with an age of 30-60 days.

2. Growth rapidly
Good quality tilapia seeds can be identified by looking at their growth and look uniform to each other.

3. The seeds appear to be more active and agile
Good seeds can be seen from their agile movements when given interference while swimming, especially when the tilapia seeds are fed.

4. No defects or wounds on the body
The quality of the seeds can also be seen by the absence of defects on the body and no injuries to all parts of the body, wounds on the body of tilapia seeds can make tilapia seeds very susceptible to disease, either from viruses or bacteria.

5. Resistant to pests
Diseased tilapia seeds can cause failure in the tilapia cultivation business, especially if the cultivation media is not cleaned seriously, it can leave a harmful pest in the pond.

6. Can live and grow well in aquatic environments
The characteristics of fish seeds that grow well in their aquatic media are the visible value of the growth rate which increases significantly and the value of high survival.