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Literacy; the key to the success of the Aquatalent Banglele Indonesia Program

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20 Dec 2023 4:00 PM

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In this era of globalization, literacy skills are no longer just an added value, but have become the main prerequisite for every Human Resource (HR) who wishes to contribute to an increasingly competitive industry. The speed of development of technology and information makes a deep understanding of literacy the key to facing ever-changing challenges.

Banglele Indonesia, as a company operating in the aquaculture sector, and as its main focus through the Banglele International Aquaculture Consultant (BIAC) department, then also runs other businesses which still have one management such as open trip services through the Le' trip department, there is also the consultant services industry through the Banglele Export 28 (BE28) department, to the fundraising department for the Tahfizh Makkah School and the Nadwah Islamiah Foundation. Placing literacy as the main focus through the Aquatalent program. This program is not only designed to prepare HR to face rapidly changing business dynamics, but also to be the main foundation in achieving success for those involved in it.

The Aquatalent program in Banglele Indonesia reflects the view that literacy skills are not just additional skills, but rather a necessity. Participants in this program are not only trained to have a deep understanding of technical literacy in a particular field, but also to develop critical thinking, information analysis and effective communication skills. By building this literacy foundation, Banglele Indonesia provides a solid foundation for its human resources to adapt to continuous changes in the business world.

Dynamics of work in Banglele Indonesia

Banglele Indonesia, as a leading aquaculture consulting company, offers a dynamic work environment and full of opportunities. Through the Aquatalent Program, this company ensures that every HR member who joins not only has the required technical skills, but also has in-depth literacy. This means that employees at Banglele Indonesia not only carry out routine tasks, but are also able to understand, analyze and make decisions based on the information obtained.

Literacy in Banglele Indonesia goes beyond concepts that simply focus on the ability to read and write. The company's Aquatalent program brings a new dimension to literacy by encouraging employees to have a deep understanding of their respective business worlds. Through this approach, literacy is not only limited to the technical level of work, but also includes broad insight into business dynamics.

The Aquatalent program at Banglele Indonesia places special emphasis on a deep understanding of business, global market trends, and the impact of environmental change on business. Human Resources (HR) are taught not only to be passive consumers of information, but also intelligent and adaptive agents of change.

The ability to consume, interpret and present information effectively is a key skill that is instilled in every employee. So they can make informed and strategic decisions, making them pioneers in facing changes and challenges in the dynamic aquaculture industry. This holistic approach to literacy creates an environment where employees not only carry out their duties, but also understand the broader context of their work.

The banglele.co.id website is the result of mandatory literacy in the Aquatalent Program


Respond to challenges with creativity and criticism

The Aquatalent program in Banglele Indonesia has built a strong foundation in facing challenges in the business world by combining creativity and criticism. They are empowered to see problems as a stage for innovation, not as insurmountable obstacles. The education provided to Banglele Indonesia employees not only teaches them to think creatively, but also to apply constructive criticism.

With high literacy, they have the ability to identify the root of the problem carefully. They don't just solve problems instantly, but look at every aspect carefully to achieve a deep understanding. This capability is the basis for creating solutions that are not only practically effective, but also relevant to changing market needs.

Creativity and criticism in Banglele Indonesia are not two separate entities, but complement each other. Employees at Banglele Indonesia not only solve problems with innovative ideas, but also apply critical analysis to ensure that the resulting solutions have a solid foundation and are able to survive the dynamics of the industry.

Encourage innovation and product development

One of the interesting aspects of working at Banglele Indonesia is the consistent drive for innovation and product development. The Aquatalent program not only focuses on providing an understanding of best practices in certain industries, but also encourages employees to continue creating new solutions. This encouragement shows that in Banglele Indonesia, innovation is not only considered as added value, but as a core element that drives growth and competitive advantage.

Literacy in Banglele Indonesia is the main key in realizing this culture of innovation. Human Resources (HR) must be able to access the latest information, evaluate industry trends, and apply this knowledge in creating products and services that are relevant to market demands. This shows that literacy in Banglele Indonesia is not only limited to the ability to read and write, but also involves the ability to think creatively, identify opportunities and manage risks wisely.

Employees at Banglele Indonesia are invited to get involved in innovative projects, creating an environmentWhere new ideas are appreciated and implemented. This proves that literacy is not only measured by basic abilities, but also by the ability to think outside conventional boundaries, identify unseen opportunities, and dare to take risks in achieving innovative goals. Innovation is not just a word in Banglele Indonesia; it has become part of the company culture that encourages creativity and advancement at every layer of work.

Arabic-based social media is an example of innovation due to good literacy


The importance of literacy in building relationships and achieving personal success

Apart from the work context, literacy skills have a significant impact on building relationships and achieving personal success. Banglele Indonesia firmly realizes that the company's success depends not only on the technical abilities of employees, but also on their ability to communicate, negotiate and build strong relationships with clients and business partners. In an increasingly connected and competitive business environment, interpersonal literacy is the main key to opening the door to new opportunities and maintaining sustainable business relationships.

Through the Aquatalent Program, Banglele Indonesia places special emphasis on developing the communication skills of its employees. Participants are not only taught about the technical aspects of aquaculture, but are also empowered to become effective communicators, both in oral and written presentations. Good communication not only increases efficiency at work, but also builds a strong foundation for maintaining and expanding a network of business relationships. In an ever-changing and dynamic world, good communication skills are key to remaining relevant and successful.

Apart from being trained to manage presentations and documentation well, Banglele Indonesia employees have additional advantages in facing daily professional challenges. Being able to convey ideas clearly and convincingly, as well as managing information efficiently, are vital skills that have a positive impact on individual and team performance.

Personal success as a reflection of company success

The importance of literacy in achieving personal success is the main focus of the aquatalent program in Banglele Indonesia. This company not only sees employees as assets to achieve its business goals, but also as individuals who have great potential for personal achievement. Literacy here is not only limited to knowledge about work, but also involves the ability to manage finances, plan a career, and build a clear vision of life.

Banglele Indonesia ensures that the self-development programs implemented are not only technical, but also cover aspects of life that help employees achieve overall success. By understanding financial literacy, employees can manage their finances wisely, building a strong financial foundation for their future. Time management is also an integral part of this program, helping employees to be more efficient in carrying out daily tasks and balancing work-personal life.

With a deep understanding of career planning, the Aquatalent Program at Banglele Indonesia equips employees with the tools necessary to reach the pinnacle of their personal success. Good career planning not only includes steps within the company, but also involves adapting to job market trends and developing relevant skills.

Individual success, reflected in their personal achievements, is not only a matter of personal pride, but also reflects that same success at the corporate level, creating an environment where personal growth and corporate success are intertwined.


Overall, work at Banglele Indonesia through the Aquatalent Program does not only provide daily routine experience, but rather a comprehensive personal development journey for each individual involved. By placing an emphasis on literacy, this company provides a solid foundation for employees to achieve success in their careers.

The Aquatalent program is a clear example that literacy is not only limited to the ability to read and write, but also involves a deep understanding of industry, critical thinking skills, innovation, and the ability to build strong relationships.

Banglele Indonesia has succeeded in creating an environment where employees not only function as performers of technical tasks, but also as creative thinkers and future leaders. Involvement in innovation, deep understanding of the industry, and the ability to build good relationships are the main assets that equip employees to face global dynamics and industry challenges that continue to develop.

As for advice to all Banglele Indonesia employees, it is necessary to remember that literacy is not an end goal, but a continuous process. The company has created a strong foundation, but it is important for individuals to continue to increase their literacy, both in the context of industry and business as well as personal development.

Openness to learning and adaptation to change will be key in maintaining the relevance and quality of work in the future. By continuing to strengthen literacy, Banglele Indonesia employees can ensure that they are not only witnesses, but also main actors in shaping the future of the industry they run and the success of the company as a whole.


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