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Exploring the potential of aquaculture in Guyana: opportunities and challenges

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25 Jan 2024 3:00 PM

Image Source : banglele.co.id

The visit of the Indonesian Banglele team to Guyana from August to September 2021 has brought fresh air to the fisheries sector in this Latin American country. During the visit, which was the team's first business trip to a Latin American country, Banglele Indonesia was invited and made a fisheries consultant by one of the energetic and generous entrepreneurs, Mr. Sheik Rahman (62 years). Mr. Sheik has a potential location for a shrimp farm covering an area of ‚Äč‚Äčaround 250 hectares in the Hubu area, East Bank Essequibo, Parika.

He has owned his cultivation location, Hubu Aquafarm, since 1996. However, only now has he succeeded in realizing his dream of developing vannamei shrimp cultivation after waiting for 25 years. Together with Banglele Indonesia, Hubu Aquafarm has now started the journey to make this dream come true. This is the first time that white shrimp cultivation has been carried out commercially in Guyana.

This country, which is nicknamed "The Land of Many Waters", has quite extensive and potential land waters. It is located between three main rivers, namely Demerara, Essequibo, and Berbice. Guyana has great potential in developing its fisheries sector. Not only in the field of fishing, but also in the field of cultivation. These potentials are clearly visible before our eyes, and we have seen for ourselves that as far as the eye can see there is a lot of potential land that is lying dormant. We saw with our own eyes how fertile swamps stretch all the way along Georgetown towards the border with Suriname, before and after the Barbice River Bridge.

We are quite confident that this potential area could be a good place as a center for freshwater and brackish water fish cultivation in Guyana. We immediately focused on milkfish which, according to our observations, is very suitable to be cultivated and developed in these saltwater swamps. Guyana, has the opportunity to become a new player in the fisheries sector that is in sight. We, Banglele Indonesia together with one of Guyana's best sons (Hubu Aquafarm), will create a new history and a new future for the sustainability of the fisheries sector.