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Types of tilapia in Indonesia

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Shanjaya Mandala Putra
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Hamiman Simbolon
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Barkah Tri Basuki

Image Source : banglele.co.id

The types of tilapia with the highest quality for cultivation are of particular interest to commercial cultivators. This is very important because they want the harvest result of tilapia with a heavyweight, stable size and well accepted by the market. Therefore we should know the types of tilapia before pursuing cultivation. The goal is that the results you get will be maximized. As references from various sources, there are seven types of tilapia that are recommended for cultivation.

1. Red tilapia

Source: https://www.dinimon.com/usaha-pembenihan-nila-merah-menguntungkan.html

Red tilapia is the most widely cultivated species. Apart from being attractive in color, this fish has delicious and tasteful meat. Its growth is also quite fast so it can bring benefits to cultivators.

2. Gesit tilapia