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Exploring Innayah Umniehanie's success and inspirational story; successful culinary entrepreneur and the figure behind the typical Riau dish, Sotindang

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Innayah Umniehanie (Hanny), a woman who faces challenges with courage and tenacity, has proven that nothing is impossible if we have determination and a strong spirit. In the midst of the busyness and challenges that color his life, Hanny is never afraid to pursue his dreams and create something new. As the owner of Shanaya Food, he presents an innovative culinary delight that is now the pride of Riau Province; Sotindang.

Sotindang is not just a dish, but also a work of culinary art that involves Hanny's courage and creativity. With strong determination, he managed to overcome the limitations that might have hindered his progress. Through Sotindang, Hanny has made a name for himself as a figure who not only dares to face challenges, but is also able to make dreams come true.

Hanny's culinary business does not just stop at the local level. With the success he achieved, Sotindang has now attracted attention at the national level. His achievements were even officially recognized by the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights, who registered his name as the holder of Intellectual Property Rights for these culinary creations. This proves that Hanny's courage and persistence have led him to the peak of success which is widely recognized.

Behind his success, Hanny is a real example of a fighter who does not know the word surrender. Even though he was faced with various obstacles and challenges, he remained firm in his principles and continued to move forward. Her presence as a female entrepreneur in the culinary world also provides inspiration for many people, especially women, not to hesitate to follow their passion and achieve their dreams.

Early travel

Hanna, is a clear example of courage and determination in facing challenges. Initially, he ran a dumpling business at his outlet called Shanaya Food. However, Hanny is not satisfied with just the status quo. When faced with a challenge from the Riau Province Fisheries Service, he saw it as an opportunity to create something new and unique.

In 2018, this was the starting point for the creation of Sotindang. Short for "Bakso Patin Kuah Udang", this typical Riau soup dish is the result of Hanny's revolutionary innovation. With his courage and creativity, Hanny succeeded in creating dishes that were not only delicious, but also became a new culinary identity for Riau Province.

The steps taken by Hanny to create Sotindang were not easy. He has to face various challenges, from processing ingredients to developing the right recipe. However, with strong determination and undying enthusiasm, Hanny managed to overcome all these obstacles and gave birth to a culinary delight that became the pride of his region.

Sotindang's presence is not only good news for Shanaya Food, but also has a positive impact on the culinary industry in Riau Province as a whole. With this new creation, culinary tourism in Riau is increasingly developing and attracting tourists to taste the delicious dishes typical of the region.

Hanny's culinary business with Sotindang as the featured menu

Sotindang; typical Riau culinary delights

Sotindang is not just an ordinary dish on the table, but a work of culinary art that symbolizes the rich culture and creativity of a brave woman, namely Hanny. This creation not only satisfies the taste buds, but also stimulates other senses with official recognition from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI). This award confirms that Sotindang is not just a dish, but a creation that deserves to be recognized and appreciated.

The process of making Sotindang is not haphazard. Hanny chooses superior local ingredients from her region, Riau, to create dishes that are authentic and rich in taste. Sago noodles, catfish, shrimp, and even commodities such as pickled pineapple are carefully selected to create a unique and delicious harmony of flavors. In this way, Sotindang is not just a dish, but also a reflection of the culinary richness of the Riau region.

When someone enjoys a piece of Sotindang, they not only feel an extraordinary taste sensation, but also feel the warmth and rich culture of the area. Every bite contains a story about local wisdom, dedication to natural ingredients, and innovation from a woman who dared to dream big. Through Sotindang, Hanny has succeeded in presenting a profound work of culinary art, able to unite taste buds from various backgrounds and provide an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Sotindang's popularity cannot be separated from its superior quality and the uniqueness of the local ingredients it uses. Official recognition from the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights is not just an empty award, but rather an acknowledgment of the creative value and originality of Hanny's creations. As its popularity grows, Sotindang has not only become a dish sought after by culinary fans, but has also become a symbol of Riau regional culinary pride and identity.

Sotindang making process

Success and recognition

Hanny's success in developing Sotindang is not only measured by how many VIP guests have enjoyed his dishes, even though they include the former President of Indonesia and the Minister of Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia at that time (SBY era). This success is also reflected in the fact that his name is officially registered as an Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI) holder. This achievement is not only recognition of Sotindang's uniqueness and authenticity, but also shows the significant impact of the culinary creations that Hanny has created.

Officially registering your name as an IPR holder is not a trivial achievement. This indicates that Sotindang has value that is legally recognized and its intellectual property rights can be protected. This step also proves that Sotindang is not just an ordinary dish, but a unique and valuable work of culinary art. Thus, Hanny's success in developing Sotindang not only satisfies the palate, but also obtains legitimate recognition for its value and contribution to the culinary world.

The influence and value of Hanny's culinary creations can also be seen from the positive response and response he received from various groups. VIP guests who have tasted Sotindang gave impressive testimonials, confirming that this dish deserves attention and appreciation. More than just a delicious dish, Sotindang has become a representation of Hanny's courage and creativity, as well as the rich culinary culture of the Riau region.

Banglele had the opportunity to try Riau's typical Sotidang

Follow your passion and utilize your skills

Hanny's journey in the culinary world is a reflection of her courage to follow her deep passion for tasting delicious food. Even though initially he was not someone who had a hobby of cooking, Hanny was driven by his great desire to enjoy delicious culinary delights. This encouragement became the trigger for him to build a culinary business which was ultimately successful. Although it may initially seem like an ambitious move, Hanny's decision proves that when someone follows their passion with strong determination, success will follow.

With his growing expertise in creating delicious flavors, Hanny has succeeded in attracting the interest of many customers. His ability to process ingredients into delicious and appetizing dishes has made Shanaya Food, the culinary business he founded, the main destination for culinary lovers in his area. Even though you may have had doubts at first, Hanny's success in building a culinary business is proof that perseverance, dedication and the ability to present a special taste can bring someone to achieve brilliant success.

Leverage the power of relationships

Hanny is not only good at developing culinary creations, but also understands how important it is to utilize the power of relationships in building a business. With a wide network of relationships, which built For a long time, Hanny was able to establish profitable collaborations for the development of his business. Collaboration with various parties, ranging from local raw material producers to parties related to culinary certification, has strengthened Sotindang's position as one of Riau's superior culinary delights.

Thanks to the help of his contacts, his Sotindang is increasingly widely known and recognized as one of the prototypes of Indonesian National Standard (SNI) certified UKM culinary delights in Riau. Involvement in business networks and the local culinary industry has helped expand Sotindang's reach, both geographically and in terms of marketing and promotion. Thus, the important role of relationship power in Sotindang's success cannot be ignored, and Hanny has used it wisely to expand and strengthen his position in the culinary world.

Share knowledge and inspire

Hanny not only dedicates himself to developing his own business, but also makes sharing knowledge and experience with others an integral part of his life journey. In particular, he takes the time to provide training to mothers and culinary entrepreneurs, so that they can also produce Sotindang with the same quality. For Hanny, sharing knowledge is not a loss, but a valuable investment to increase the number of people who can enjoy and produce Sotindang.

Hanny believes that by sharing knowledge and experience, he will not only help expand the scope of this culinary delight, but also strengthen and strengthen Sotindang's position as the pride of the Riau region. Through sharing this knowledge, Hanny has also created a solid and mutually supportive community network around the local culinary industry. Thus, Hanny's passion for sharing knowledge not only enriches the knowledge of others, but also makes a significant contribution to the growth and existence of Sotindang as a valuable culinary heritage from Riau.


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