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Program to create young talents in the aquaculture field who have good morals and proven abilities. These Aquatalent will become a new bridge for young people to have special skills and have an international perspective.
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Hanny, the founder of Shanaya Food, inspires with her courage in creating the innovative cuisine Sotindang and achieving official recognition. Sotindang isn't just a dish; it's a culinary masterpiece showcasing Hanny's bravery and creativity.


Koto Masjid Village, though not widely known in Indonesia, has an extraordinary story that earned it a spot in the top 50 nominations for the 2021 Tourism Village Award (ADWI). Located in Riau Province, this small village is in the spotlight.


Vannamei shrimp cultivation is a promising business with the potential for large profits but comes with high risks. Despite facing various challenges, many people maintain their enthusiasm and determination to get involved in this cultivation business.