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Banglele is a business and brand of aquaculture business model and management consultant, especially for biofloc systems, catfish, tilapia, and vannamei shrimp. Start from producing quality catfish seeds, connecting catfish farmers around Indonesia (especially Riau). Supplying quality seeds, and expanding through catfish culture model by biofloc systems, and now scale up with more fish species, even freshwater shrimp as the innovation.

Banglele had been chosen to hold the farmers to become the main independent and strategic business partners, building partnerships that are inclusive. An inclusive partnership is a quality partnership, which is a partnership that takes into account at the same time growth (pro-growth), employment (pro-job), reduce poverty (pro-poor), and pay attention to the environment (pro-environment).

Creating Share Value (CSV) is a concept in business strategy that emphasizes the importance of integrating business and corporate social responsibility. CSV developed by Banglele by applying the principle that hatchery, nursery, enlargement to catfish processing must be economically feasible, in accordance with local values and culture (socially acceptable), technologically appropriate and update, and giving good impact towards the environment (environmental-friendly). The aim of Banglele is to build cooperation between the nucleus and plasma, namely by helping farmers to develop the upstream and downstream sectors of profitable catfish farming in a sustainable manner.

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Online Training

It is a learning and teaching system for aquaculture systems through a digital platform that can be easily accessed by the entire world community.

Offline Training

Offline Training held in several cities in Indonesia, and also the training or seminars attended by participants from all over the world.

Abroad Project

Abroad Project is a project for implementing fish or shrimp farming in the destination country from the construction of pond to the harvesting process.

Local Project

Local Project is a fish or shrimp farming implementation project which is exactly the same as an overseas project for local communities in Indonesia.

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