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15 Jun 2024

This article discusses the importance of water exchange in vaname shrimp farming, its benefits, principles, optimal timing, and the proper methods for changing pond water.

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by Barkah Tri Basuki


15 Jun 2024

Tips and methods for changing vannamei shrimp pond water

This article discusses the importance of water exchange in vaname shrimp farming, its benefits, principles, optimal timing, and the proper methods for changing pond water.

09 Jun 2024

Things that need to be considered when cultivating pangasius in earthen ponds

This article outlines key aspects of farming catfish in earthen ponds, including soil type, land contours, dyke construction, pond bed, water channels, and trenches, to maximize harvest yields and minimize failure risks.

06 Jun 2024

Tilapia; nutrition, benefits, and comparison with other freshwater fish

This article discusses the nutritional content of tilapia, its health benefits, and comparison with other freshwater fish. Tilapia is known for its high protein and low fat content.

30 May 2024

Feeding strategy for cultivating vannamei shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

This article discusses feed strategies in vannamei shrimp farming, covering natural and artificial feed types, as well as efficient feed management to enhance shrimp growth and health.

18 May 2024

Successful cultivation of tilapia; optimal seed selection factors

This article discusses the importance of choosing quality tilapia fingerlings, covering size, growth, activity, physical fitness, disease resistance, and environmental adaptation. Selecting optimal fingerlings is crucial for tilapia cultivation.


12 Jun 2024

Public consumption preferences towards red tilapia compared black tilapia

Red tilapia is preferred over black tilapia due to its cleaner flesh, better taste, and disease resistance. Market demand is rising, making it a profitable choice for fish farmers.

03 Jun 2024

Why do catfish prefer to live in calm and shallow waters?

Catfish, known for their long whiskers, prefer calm and shallow waters. Their ideal habitat includes slow-flowing rivers, swamps, lakes, and flooded rice fields. Catfish are nocturnal, actively foraging at night, and create holes in riverbanks for shelter

27 May 2024

Local wisdom of the community in wisely utilizing fisheries resources, and abundant blessings for the community around the Koto Panjang hydroelectric reservoir, Riau

The Koto Panjang Hydroelectric Dam in Riau is crucial for energy, irrigation, tourism, and fisheries. The local community utilizes traditional customs and technologies for sustainable management.

21 May 2024

The difference between tilapia and mujair fish: getting to know two popular fish in Indonesia better

This article explores the differences between tilapia and Mozambique tilapia, including origins, habitats, physical characteristics, and economic value. It provides a clearer understanding of both fish.

12 May 2024

Explore the nutritional richness of catfish and its health benefits

This article explores the nutritional richness of catfish and its health benefits. Catfish is rich in omega-3, protein, vitamins, and minerals, supporting heart and brain health, and preventing anemia.


10 Mar 2024

BSI (Berkah Subur Institute); welcoming quality education and ethical business

The article discusses the establishment of Berkah Subur Institute (BSI) by Barkah Tri Basuki as a solution to the ineffectiveness of formal education in Indonesia. BSI House integrates religious education, competencies, and entrepreneurship.

15 Feb 2024

Exploring Innayah Umniehanie's success and inspirational story; successful culinary entrepreneur and the figure behind the typical Riau dish, Sotindang

Hanny, the founder of Shanaya Food, inspires with her courage in creating the innovative cuisine Sotindang and achieving official recognition. Sotindang isn't just a dish; it's a culinary masterpiece showcasing Hanny's bravery and creativity.

20 Dec 2023

Literacy; the key to the success of the Aquatalent Banglele Indonesia Program

Banglele Indonesia's Aquatalent program highlights that literacy skills are not just an added value but have become a primary prerequisite for every Human Resource (HR) aiming to contribute to an increasingly competitive industry.

24 Nov 2023

Suhaimi; a successful pioneer in Kampung Patin, a thriving tourist village in Riau

Koto Masjid Village, though not widely known in Indonesia, has an extraordinary story that earned it a spot in the top 50 nominations for the 2021 Tourism Village Award (ADWI). Located in Riau Province, this small village is in the spotlight.

07 Nov 2023

Profile of the success of several vannamei shrimp farming entrepreneurs in Indonesia

Vannamei shrimp cultivation is a promising business with the potential for large profits but comes with high risks. Despite facing various challenges, many people maintain their enthusiasm and determination to get involved in this cultivation business.


15 May 2024

Why do Indonesians choose fish heads as a special dish?

This article describes the uniqueness of fish head curry in Indonesian cuisine, exploring its history, distinctive spices, and cooking process, as well as the cultural and nutritional values that make it a special dish.

30 Apr 2024

Explore the history of the delicacy of pangasius in typical Riau Malay dishes

The culinary richness of Malay Riau is reflected in the deliciousness of patin fish, a symbol of cultural heritage with spices and coconut milk. The field trip event showcasing patin fish strengthens the preservation of culinary heritage.

13 Feb 2024

Educational field trip in the tourist area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKampung Patin, XIII Koto Kampar, Riau

This article highlights an educational field trip in Kampung Patin, XIII Koto Kampar, Riau, offering invaluable learning experiences for students. They can explore firsthand knowledge about local culture and the natural environment.

10 Feb 2024

Get to know more about Palembang's typical culinary delight: pindang ikan patin

This article explores Palembang's signature dish, pindang ikan patin, made from pangasius fish. With its soft texture and spicy flavor, this dish offers a unique culinary experience for Indonesian food enthusiasts.

10 Jan 2024

Enjoy the delights of the sea; 11 special shrimp menus that tempt your taste buds

Indulge in the delightful flavors of 11 special dishes featuring vannamei shrimp, ranging from spicy Padang sauce shrimp to savory salted egg sauce shrimp.


20 Feb 2024

Innovative maggot cultivation project; collaborative efforts in waste management and economic empowerment in Tasikmalaya City

The maggot cultivation project in Tasikmalaya City is an innovation in organic waste management and economic empowerment through collaboration between the government, private sector, and community.

08 Feb 2024

Transforming shrimp farming with the latest technology: Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS)

This article discusses the utilization of Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in shrimp farming in Indonesia, led by FisTx, enhancing shrimp farming efficiency and sustainability.

08 Jan 2024

Explore the potential of the vannamei shrimp business in Pamanukan; shrimp cultivation collaboration through Banglele Indonesia

"Pamanukan in Subang, West Java, stands out as a potential center for vannamei shrimp pond development. With its tropical conditions and extensive technical potential, Pamanukan has the opportunity to become a leading vannamei shrimp cultivation center.

04 Nov 2023

Cultivating freshwater fish with a biofloc system; international intensive training in Pekanbaru City

"International training in Pekanbaru explores the biofloc system for freshwater fish farming. This innovative system enhances productivity and sustainability, leading the growth of the freshwater fisheries industry."

03 Nov 2023

Vannamei shrimp pond construction project in Parika, Guyana

"Guyana, through vannamei shrimp cultivation projects in Parika, enhances the potential of the fishing industry by creating jobs, supporting the local economy, and meeting global market demand."

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